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The Pop Culture Cafe

Welcome to The Pop Culture Cafe. Yes another of one of many pop culture podcast but with I difference. Well the difference is that this show has myself, John along with my co-host Scott, Paul. A group of guys with many, many, many years of being in the pop culture world. Way before it was cool. So take a listen and I hope you will come back.

Mar 16, 2014

Welcome to Ep 17, Good Climb. This episode I talk about how Chris Pratt go the job in The Guardians Of The Galaxy movie. The possibility that the Fantastic Four movie may of been scrapped. The lastest on the Agent Carter TV series. John Byrne doing a new Star Trek comic. Which American actors would have been Doctor Who is it was an American TV show. Godzilla hidden easter eggs in the new movie coming out. Halley Berry being edited out of Days Of Future Past and other mindless stuff, oh comics as always.