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Well once again Scott and I are back to give some news and laughs. Okay maybe not so many laughs. Coming from Comic Fever in lovely Edmonton.

Saudi Arabia first Comic Con

Predator Starts Filming

Jurassic World ?

DC Comics/Looney Tunes

Infinity Wars

Inhuman casting


Negan T-shirts

Comic Reviews, From the 50 cent bin and What You Talking About

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TPCCafe 92 Behind The Comic Door

Well the count down to 100 is starting with episode 92. This show Scott and I talk about all kinds of geeky news. We review Attack from the Fifty cent pin and we have our What You Talking about also.

Bryan Singer and the X-Men Pilot

Boycotting Marvel

Super Bowel Trailers


Common as John Stewart

Marvel Doing Their Own Rebirth

Cable casting

Plus casing news on Supergirl

Top Ten Robots According to Marvel

TPCCafe Yeah We Talked About That Already

Hey gang after a couple of months of debauchery Paul is back. This show Paul and I just catch up on all the pop culture news that we had not had the time to talk about about. So just bare with us and hope to old geeks geeking out.

Paul gives his thoughts on Justice League Dark

Talk about Ben Affeck not directing Batman



Legends of Tomorrow

Our picks for Comic of 2016

Interested in contacting the show. Send a email to

Oh Paul was just working. NO debauchery

TPCCafe Ep 90 Could not think of anything else

Welcome to Episode 90. Scott and I are back again with news and reviews.

Anne Hathaway movie Golossal

Hellboy 3 ????

James Cameron return to Terminator franchise

Supergirl/Flash cross over

Punching Nazis

Logan Trailer

Marvel Overshipments

Image turns 25

A darker Stranger Things

Is there going to be a Alien 5?

Plus comic reviews and comics from the 50 cent bin. Plus some much more.

TPCCafe The Dead Shall Work Again

TPCCafe The Dead Shall Work Again


Hey folks how are you doing. Tanks for joining Scott and I was we sit down at Comic Fever to once again to talk about some of the news in the pop culture.


Matt Ryan Returning For More Constantine

Legends of Tomorrow

Ben Afleck On Batman

Marvel Dropping "buy pager, get digital"

Scott Buck Show Runner for Inhumans

J.J. Abrams Done With Reboots

Plus reviews of Faith #1, Avenger #2.

From the 50 cent bin we review The Green Lama and Black Terror in Project Super Powers Issue #1 from Dynamite

Plus much more.


TPCCafe Nerds In The Dark

Hey gang a little late getting this out for you ear holes. Under the weather and the hole Christmas holiday getting in the way.

You may notice a sound quality issue here as I was trying out a new sound recording system and well as you will hear I need more practice.

The power went out at the comic shop so we just basically free styled.

I hope you still have fun listening.

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TPCCafe Space Corn The Final Frontier

Hey lady and germs Scott and I are back again with a space suit full of news.

NASA Space Poop

No Obi Wan???

X-Men Blue and Gold

Kevin Smith talks about Buckaroo Banzai

Eddy Murphy and Star Trek

Back to the Future Reboot?

Ron Glass

The Arrival

Fox release dates for future X-Men movies

Introduction of Comic book in TV hurting Comic values?

Scott's comic review

Plus WYTA, Free Styling and other nonsense.


TPCCafe The Black List

The gang is back, Paul, Oz and myself talk about:

  • Dr Strange
  • Agents of Sheild
  • Ghost Rider
  • Fantastic Four
  • Blade/Underworld
  • Midnight Sons
  • Oz schools Paul and I on how to come up with TV/Movie plots on the spot

Interested in commenting on the show you can email the show at

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TPCCafe Something Something

TPCCafe Number Something Something


Welcome to Episode Something Something. Great numbering Eh?


Scott and I talk the top 30 selling comics for October. Predator coming back. The Inhumans are coming to TV. Thoughts on Avengers #1. Comic writers and artists deciding not to go to red states. Y-The Last Man coming to TV, Mr Bean getting his own comic, Kevin Feige on the eventually recasting Iron Man and Captain America, Young Justice coming back to TV, Pain Killer Jane heading to the big screen. Also Fox thinking of rebooting the X-Men AGAIN. Plus our WHAT YOU TALKING ABOUT.


You can email us if you want at

TPCCafe I Had To Think About Big A$$


Welcome back boys and girls or what every you call yourself. The time around Scott and I run down a monkey. No wait no monkey was hurt in the recording of this podcast.


Scott and I talk about Marvel Netflix shows showing up in Infinity Wars, Valiant working hard to get a Harbinger movie out. What director would be a good replacement for the next Deadpool film. No George Lucas not being involved in the next Indiana Jones movie. Jessica Jones hiring all female directors for season two. The Parents Television council not happy with The Walking Dead. Scott talkes about two movies, Independence Day and Tarzan. Also Scott and I talk about the RiRi Williams cover done by J Scott Campbell. DC kicking Marvels in sales. Plus so much more news that it will give your the runs.


Also a rare appearance by the owner of Comic Fever


Any comments or questions you can contact us at


Twitter: @TPPCafe



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