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The Pop Culture Cafe

Welcome to The Pop Culture Cafe. Yes another of one of many pop culture podcast but with I difference. Well the difference is that this show has myself, John along with my co-host Scott, Paul. A group of guys with many, many, many years of being in the pop culture world. Way before it was cool. So take a listen and I hope you will come back.

Apr 21, 2017

So this is Ep 100 and fitting to may style I forgot plug in the mixer to the Laptop but thanks to the Laptop mic there is style a show. The sound in not that great but I hope you enjoy. This show Scott ask me 5 various questions about......

Also we talk about -

Redneck #1

Ebay selling digital comic codes


Apr 14, 2017

This show Scott and I are join by Brain LaBelle. Brian is a regular at Comic Fever and we had him join us. Boy there were times when I was just sat back and listen to Brian and Scott go down the comic book tunnel. It was fun for me. I hope for you also.

X-Men Gold controversy

Valiant "Advisory warning Label"

Top 100...

Apr 7, 2017

Welcome to Ep 98 gang. This show Scott and I talk about the up coming Calgary Expo. The guests coming and who I think it the big star coming. How I got my media pass and not trying to a creepy old nerd. We also talk about the AMC show Into The Badlands Season 1 Ep 1

Also -

Batgirl movie

Jessica Jones

Alicia Vikander as...

Apr 5, 2017

Well it is on big sausage fest as Scott, Paul, Oz and I get way to serious at times talking about make believe world of pop culture. This show we talk about,

DC Universe on TV

Marvel Movies and bubble bursting

Justice League Trailer

Spider Man Home coming trailer

Marvel Comics

The Future of Comic Shops and...