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The Pop Culture Cafe

Welcome to The Pop Culture Cafe. Yes another of one of many pop culture podcast but with I difference. Well the difference is that this show has myself, John along with my co-host Scott, Paul. A group of guys with many, many, many years of being in the pop culture world. Way before it was cool. So take a listen and I hope you will come back.

Feb 23, 2018

Once again Scott and I are report from the comfort of Comic Fever. We have stories aboot;


The New Mutants


The Black Panther

Sony and the Marvel movies that got away

Firefly Novels

Marvel's Fresh Start.............again??


Fraggle Rock

The Walking Dead

Comic Book Reviews

Kick Ass #1

Death of Love...

Feb 16, 2018

Back to your regular schedule program. Scott and I return with more news and thoughts on pop culture.

Comic Reviews on VS from Image comics and Motherlands from Vertigo comics.


Black Panther

The Punisher

Disney Streaming service

Star Trek:Discovery

Diamond Sales Stats for January 2018

Lobo Movie

DC Co-Publisher...

Feb 9, 2018

So gang I did it right this time and hit save. Scott and I recorded once again the our comic home, Comic Fever. Once again we try and give you news that will keep you entertained and informed.

This show:

 Trailers - Mission Impossible

               Jurassic Park - Fallen Kingdom

               Solo - A Star Wars...

Feb 7, 2018

Well this is not your usually TPCCafe show. This show is a international gathering of nerds/geeks. Scott and I are joined by Paul, Oz and Jenn. We just bounce around from topic to topic. Hope you can follow along and enjoy show.