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The Pop Culture Cafe

Welcome to The Pop Culture Cafe. Yes another of one of many pop culture podcast but with I difference. Well the difference is that this show has myself, John along with my co-host Scott, Paul and Oz. A group of guys with many, many, many years of being in the pop culture world. Way before it was cool. So take a listen and I hope you will come back.

Jan 14, 2022

A new year so it is a good time to start a new season. Welcome to Season 10.

We start off the show by talking #SupermanandLois. A #CW fire sale. Also, chat about #Riverdale and #Titians. Then we are all over the place with talks about #Youtube...

Dec 24, 2021

This is our year-end show. The gang gives its thoughts on a few subjects. Topics include, You Make Me Laugh, Biggest Surprise, Hyped to the Hilt, National Treasure, and more. Also, a Christmas song to end the...

Dec 17, 2021

Oh boys and girls and mutants, here is part 2 of an amazing chat we had. We finish the show talking about books, #Hellcop #Batman #Supergirl #FightGirls. Also the trending 10 comicbooks from Key Collector. Plus...

Dec 10, 2021

This show is part one of a two-part show that will blow your mind. Well, it will blow something or someone.

We chat about and talk about Walking Dead and Fear. Also the latest Spider-Man. Also, Paul and I guess the prices of comic books from...

Nov 30, 2021

Well, this show I have no idea what is going on as I totally forgot to upload it. I was not going to listen to it again. I not going to punish me. You on the other hand. Good luck.